Job placement

Recognition of the qualification, coordination of the administrative procedures

Specialized language preparatory training

Job placement for care workers

eduXite, based in the UAE, has been involved in job placement in the healthcare sector in

English and German speaking areas for 10 years.


Our job placement activity is free of charge for the workers.


Available jobs in Germany for nurses:

Intensive home-care for adults

  • with residence in Germany
  • 2 - 4 week shift

Intensive home-care for children

  • with residence in Germany
  • 2 - 4 week shift

Retirement home / Nursing home

  • with residence in Germany

Rehabilitation clinic

  • with residence in Germany

Hospital care worker

  • with residence in Germany


  • with residence in Germany

Each of our partners is a renowned, successful, long-established institution or healthcare service provider.


Our job placement service is free of charge for workers.

Our employers ensure the following in each case:

  • lawful and official employment relationship in Germany (pension right after 5 years even for foreign workers)
  • outstanding wages, base wage increasing by the number of years worked (minimum initial wage: EUR net 1,700 / month)
  • potential fringe benefits (travel allowance, Internet, support for language learning, accommodation etc.)
  • continuous further trainings
  • well-equipped workplaces, excellent facilities
  • pleasant work climate
  • installation allowance for foreigners
  • housing allowance

We fully organize the recognition of qualification

and coordinate the administrative procedures and any other arising issue

Anerkennung = Urkunde = Recognition in Germany = nostrification

In case of foreign workers a legal requirement for working as a nurse in Germany is the nostrification of the qualification gained in the country of origin.

The nostrification is always carried out by the government agency according to the location of the planned employment!


For the nurses placed by eduXite the full administration of the nostrification process is guaranteed.


Accepted qualifications:

  • adult health nurse (if you can certify three years of nursing activity pursued in the past
  • Graduate nurse


The documents needed for the nostrification can differ by government agency:

  • certificates
  • language examination certificate
  • certificates issued by authorities
  • extract from the criminal register
  • German criminal record certificate
  • birth certificate
  • personal documents
  • CV with a photo
  • forms to be filled

The expected duration of the nostrification process may vary by government agency: 6

weeks to 9 months

We take care of specialized translations through our partners


We organize the travel


We organize potential test works


We assess / improve your language skills

Specialized Language Preparatory Training

The specialized language preparatory trainings developed by eduXite are available and successful in several countries.

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Gabi T.

“I cannot be grateful enough for finding you! Thank you for helping me to keep working in

the field that I love so much. I could not even wish for a better hospital than MM Hospital in

Munich. It is wonderful to be working here!”

Edit B.

“I have received a great deal of help from eduXite. My life has settled down and I’m able to

support my family. I suggest everyone should take this opportunity: eduXite will be there for

you the whole time! Never give up, keep going!”

Orsi M.

“I love working and living here and it is not only about the financial aspects! I am grateful to

you for helping me to achieve this. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have

already recommended your services to others and I will keep doing so! My sister has also

come abroad with your help, thank you so much!”

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